Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rouge States

My letter to Real Clear Politics:

Today you wrote:

Thompson called the current Senate bill "the same deal" as the 1986 reform blamed with making the immigration problem worse. "Secure the border. Nothing else can be dealt with until that is done, and the American people are trying to get that message across." Thompson said not everyone who comes to America illegally is looking for a better life, because some may be from rouge states intending to do harm.

I've had my fears about the Red State crowd as well though I admit I was surprised to find Senator Thompson echoing my concern. Apparently the French have gotten a hold of him.

Helen Thomas puts some heat on Hillary

Helen lays out the case as to why we're leery of Hillary:

In 2007, she voted in favor of a war-spending bill that required Bush to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within a certain deadline; the president vetoed the measure. But Clinton then voted against a compromise war-spending bill that tied
funding to progress by Iraq in meeting certain benchmarks.

It doesn't take her long to switch her stance on the war - even in 24 hours. On Tuesday, June 19, Clinton told a union audience that she favored keeping some troops in Iraq "to protect our interests" there after a major pullout. But the following day, she told an activist anti-war gathering that she wants U.S. troops withdrawn from Iraq.

On that day, she dazzled the "Take Back America" conference by
declaring: "We're going to end the war in Iraq and finally bring our troops home."

A woman has a right to change her mind. But we're talking about war and peace. After dealing with the conflict, now in its fifth year, Clinton ought to know where she stands.