Monday, May 30, 2005

And, again, why the war isn't worth it...

From Think Progress:

"But according to Charles Duelfer, the Bush administration’s hand-picked weapons inspector, the sanctions - and the status quo - were working very well. Here’s a summary of the Duelfer’s finding from the 10/7/04 Washington Post:

"Duelfer said one of Hussein’s main strategic goals was to persuade the United Nations to lift economic sanctions, which had devastated the country’s economy and, along with U.N. inspections, had forced him to stop weapons programs."

Let’s be clear. According to the definitive report produced by the Bush administration, had the sanctions remained in place, Saddam Hussein would not have been able to acquire WMD. Had the administration chose sanctions instead of war, Iraq would still not have had WMD and more than 1600 American troops killed in Iraq would be alive today."