Thursday, June 30, 2005

Voices from Camp

I just finished my first week of teaching at the UNC-Asheville Computer Literacy Camp to middle school boys, mostly minority, mostly low-income -- next week is girls. I teach Western North Carolina history using these resources and lessons I developed here. The camp is funded mostly by the Educational Research Consortium of Western Carolinas, which was started, and is given continuous cash infusions, by Congressman Charles Taylor (R-NC).

This year, I replaced PowerPoint with Blogger -- the kids loved it -- now they all have their own websites. The last lesson was desert -- teaching them the coolness of audioblogger -- you can listen to their sample posts below. You should have seen their eyes light up when one of their cohort's voice filled the room -- they couldn't wait to get home and play with it.

My thanks to my friend Barry at Enrevanche who kicked my ass into blogging and is always there to answer those pesky technical questions and offer advice and suggestions.

In a related note, it was a godsend that Blogger started allowing direct uploads of graphics (and not just limited to JPEGs!) two days before camp so I didn't have to mess with Hello.