Sunday, January 08, 2006

At least they weren't spreading anthrax...

Alito loves the myrrh

From the Wall Street Journal

"Insisting that God "certainly needs to be involved" in the Supreme Court confirmation process, three Christian ministers today blessed the doors of the hearing room where Senate Judiciary Committee members will begin considering the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito on Monday."

"Capitol Hill police barred them from entering the room to continue what they called a consecration service. But in a bit of one-upsmanship, the three announced that they had let themselves in a day earlier, touching holy oil to the seats where Judge Alito, the senators, witnesses, Senate staffers and the press will sit, and praying for each of the 13 committee members by name."

"We did adequately apply oil to all the seats," said the Rev. Rob Schenck, who identified himself as an evangelical Christian and as president of the National Clergy Council in Washington."
Your Capitol Police doing "a heckuva job."

Personal note--

A lifetime ago (1991) when I was managing in the portrait buisness, I was managing two very crazy women -- well, I was managing a dozen crazy women, but these two happenend to be living together. At first, they got along great, both hard-core evengelicals. Then one got a little more evangelical than the other. One returned from a week-long trip on the road to find that the roommate had "annointed" (soaked) all the furniture in the house in annointing oil. She complained only to have the roommate retaliate by putting sugar in her gas tank.

The Jesus in the new NBC show the Book of Daniel is not this crazy.