Friday, September 02, 2005

The Baghdadization of New Orleans Part I

One statistic I want to see is this: yes, "only" about 33% of the southeastern Nat. Guard is in the other shithole, but, (1) how much of their EQUIPMENT did they leave behind -- are there any big trucks, boats, etc? (2) How many of the men they left behind have field capabilities -- how many of the men who are stateside have the physical capacity to genuinely assist -- how many can only drive a desk (and that job is important too -- logistics). As I was watching CNN late last night with my Dad, the newsflash was that several of the buses which had just shown up from the Superdome to the new Astrodome WERE BEING DIVERTED TO BUMFUCK -- and more buses were on the way.

In a related note, Rummy was quoted as saying: "OK, this whole looting thing has been blown totally out of proportion. You see a black guy carrying bread in waist-deep water. And then they show it again, and again, and again. We know it's the same guy with the same bread -- how many black guys do they have in New Orleans, and how many loaves of bread? We need to get serious. The important thing is that these people will now live in a democracy."