Friday, September 02, 2005

The Baghdadization of New Orleans Part V

Well, I guess Rove broke the meeting with his attorneys long enough to tell His Majesty that he was appearing too disconnected from the plight of the serfs. I watched some of this pitiful performance this morning. Lots of nodding. The governors all tried to see which one could get his tongue the deepest up W's ass, while W nodded vigorously.

He didn't ask a single question. Not a goddamn one.

Jack Kennedy would have asked one tough, penetrating, pertinent question after another. So would Harry Truman, so would Ike and Nixon. LBJ would have called a special session of Congress BEFORE the storm hit -- it would have been a cold day in hell before he passed up a chance to save the day on camera.

But if you live in a bubble, if you have absolutely no imagination, if you have a freakish tendency to giggle and snicker every time the issue of death comes up, then this is what we get.

People who are starving, dehydrating, being shot at and getting a good case of typhoid could give two shits whether pseudo-macho man is "proud of the Coast Guard." Is THAT the issue, whether the efforts of the Coast Guard are in question, whether the Coast Guard is getting enough strokes?

James Buchanan, Warren G. Harding, U. S. Grant -- get out of the way -- there is no longer any doubt: WORST PRESIDENT EVER.