Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thank God for Billmon and the BBC

The rightwing blogosphere is falling all over itself today with three essential explanations as to what went wrong last week.

(1) Blacks and women can't ask for help properly. At least the ones who haven't hung around tough white guys and learned how.

(2) Tough white guys kick ass. They would have had that shit in the Superdome and Convention Center straight. Amuse yourself by reading Chris Whittle's white spittle on tribes. Especially amusing is how sharp and tough he thinks Rumsfeld is. Is there a self-help group somewhere for insecure white males? Or could we have a fund for blowjobs or reacharounds or something? Read the comments -- these guys gotta shoot something or their day is wasted and/or the enemy encroaches further.

(3) FEMA is incredibly competent. But the black guys and women didn't ask FEMA the right way at the right time.

And thank God for Billmon and the BBC. Birds-eye and historical coverage which you can't find anywhere else.

To support George W. Bush is to support a guy who thinks:
(1) "The jury is out" on the matter of evolution.
(2) An embryo is a person
(3) The Voting Rights Act doesn't need to be renewed (but, of course, he's not racist)
(4) Global Warming needs more study
(5) The creation of a twin-state and ally of Iran in the form of Shiite Iraq was the reason to go to war in 2003.
(6) No Child Left Behind can work without the money he promised the program.
(7) It's OK to torture people.
(8) Playing golf and the guitar the day after a category 4 hurricane hits New Orleans is the best use of his time, demonstrating stellar leadership and concern for potential and actual victims.
(9) That the American people, and especially the people of New Orleans will buy the lie: "I don’t think anyone anticipated breach of the levees."