Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mr. Pink: The Best Mechanic

I fail to comprehend the loyalty of many towards a Republican party currently held in contempt.

The rationale seems to be "I don't want to abandon my party. I've invested X amount of years in supporting them, and while I currently disagree with them, I will still vote for them because I hope to one day reclaim MY party."

Yes, it's important to find candidates with whom you agree. Yes, it's important to fight for your party. But, IF your party is failing you, don't vote for them until they have EARNED your vote.

Because as long as you continue to take your car to the service
station who doesn't fix it, your car will never run properly. The
ONLY way to get your car to work properly is to take it to a service station who WILL fix it, even if that service station does other stuff with which you don't agree. If your goal is to fix your car, then you should go to the best mechanic.

Sure, you feel bad leaving the service station you've gone to over the years, but if you and others don't quit getting your car fixed there, that service station won't realize they need to hire new mechanics. They'll keep thinking they're doing a good job.

And, IF that service station cares about you as a customer, they will work even harder trying to win back your patronage. Then, you can feel good about taking your car there again.