Thursday, August 02, 2007

La Flor Dominica w/Oscuro Wrapper

All I can say is yum. Dude at The Cigar Wrapper does a better job with his description:

The wrapper has been titled Oscuro Natural and is a sight to behold: think roasted coffee beans bathed in oil with highlights of burnt sienna. Other cigars are meant to cap off a memorable event---this cigar is the event. It is a means and end in and of itself. It is smoking for smoking's sake. And oh, what smoke it is..

Oak perfume paints the air at first light. The body is full and textured. There are bright notes in the nose of citrus and exotic wood, but this is a cigar to be relished on the palette. Lofty earth and peppers inform caramelized flavors that build and finish in almonds and spiced cocoa. This cigar is crafted for quiet reflection, a cigar composed to "hear the silence."

That's about right. The fuller-bodied, spicier Nicaraguan wrapper is a great compliment to the nicely aged Dominican filler and binder. I found sticks for 6 bucks but you might be forced to pay more. The whole La Flor Dominica line is solid as I've gone thru about half the line in the past year. They have an unusual double-chisel stoogie which one is supposed to double pierce with a punch sounded cooler than it smoked. About a Toro size (5.75 x 52mm).

For me, these are replacing my Punch Chateau L Maduros which I swear have become utterly monochromatic and unremarkable. Or maybe just the fact they were bought out has psyched my taste buds but they don't do it for me anymore.