Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Socratic Sluggers

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About 7 weeks left in the season and my sluggers are on top. A fortuitous draft and close to 50 trades have kept me there almost all season. Fantasy baseball teaches you a lot about baseball in general and the dynamics of a particular season. ERAs are still higher than everyone thinks they should be and that's with so many starters only going six innings, seven on a good night. I'm not aware of a killer closer the likes of Gagne and Smoltz from a couple of seasons ago. Finding a consistent first base slugger seems harder than seasons past while finding solid third basemen seems easier. Derek Jeter is a machine, Vladimir Guerrero is maddening with his hot and cold streaks (thankfully I had him in the lineup when he belted two homers last week).

I'll miss the season when it's gone so here's to the last of the regular season and hopefully a captivating series.